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Pregnant musician Mshoza and Linda Racaza arrested for fighting for Sundowns player Anele Ngcongca


Alleged brawls, meeting the fam, a baby mama and a bun in the oven. This isn’t a soapie – it’s Mshoza’s latest romance with soccer player Anele Ngcongca

THEIR relationship is still in its early days and there are plenty displays of public affection to indicate it’s in the honeymoon phase.

She’s met his family, he’s publicly declared his adoration for her and it seems a far cry from the tumultuous relationship she had with her ex-husband. Yet kwaito star Mshoza, real name Nomasonto Maswanganyi, can’t seem to dodge the drama in the love stakes.

It’s been barely three months since she hooked up with Mamelodi Sundowns defender Anele Ngcongca and there’s already trouble brewing with his former lover and mother of his child. At the end of last year Mshoza and Linda Racaza allegedly got into a brawl that landed them behind bars. They were both arrested and had to be bailed out after police were called to the scene of the alleged assaults.

The women appeared in the magistrate’s court in Edenvale on 4 February but both cases were postponed. Mshoza’s was moved to 20 February while Linda’s will take place on 28 February at the magistrate’s court in Germiston as the two cases cannot take place in the same court.

Wearing a pencil skirt with black coat, Mshoza was accompanied by her manager, Keke Mokoena, while Linda was with four of her relatives. Anele was nowhere to be seen. Initially Mshoza denies there was a fight but Linda tells DRUM the night in question certainly happened.

She doesn’t want to go into specifics because of the court case but says she was definitely at the petrol station near Greenstone Shopping Centre and dismisses eyewitness accounts of her being there with her sisters. “It’s a lie. I was alone.”

In November last year she discovered Anele, her partner of 10 years, was having an affair with Mshoza. But Mshoza denies this. “They had separated. Anele was staying with a friend.”

Linda is spitting mad Anele and Mshoza have moved into a luxury complex not far from her house.

“If I were to talk, the whole world would know the truth and the kind of person Mshoza is,” she says.

But Mshoza says it was Anele’s idea to move to the Greenstone house a mere two meters away from Linda.

“Linda is just mad because Anele chose me in the middle of a fight.” Then she makes a bombshell claim: “I’m pregnant, I don’t need this stress.”

IT’S not clear what sparked the fight between Mshoza and Linda but Linda’s phone was apparently smashed during the altercation, according to multiple sources who witnessed the event.

Anele and Mshoza had arrived at the petrol station where it allegedly all happened at about 10.30pm, and Linda arrived soon after. Sources say Linda spotted Anele’s car outside the garage and she went in to investigate.

“Ngcongca and his wife are regulars at the garage,” one source divulges.

“We weren’t surprised to see him there but he wasn’t with his wife – he was with Mshoza. I saw him trying to come between them.”

Linda started the fight, says a source close to the kwaito star. “She opened the door and started assaulting Mshoza.

“She pulled her hair and dragged her out of the car.”

Another source who witnessed it all says there were screams loud enough to wake people.

“I got there when the struggle between the two women had started. I don’t know who started it but the wife was angry. She even took Anele’s car keys.”

According to a manager at the petrol station, Tariq, the police requested footage of the night of the alleged assaults. “The police should tell you everything since we gave them the footage.”

Common assault and malicious damage to property cases were opened, according to Edenvale SAPS communication officer Sergeant Jacob Mashile.

He confirmed the women were arrest- ed and released on bail. “There is a case opened and a countercharge. The docket is with the court now because we have completed our investigation.” When called for comment, Anele’s phone kept going to voicemail and he didn’t respond to repeated text messages sent to him. Mshoza is happy to respond, however. “I don’t know what they told you but I am

okay where I am. I’m happy with my man. We’re both focusing on our careers.”

At first she maintained the incident didn’t happen but when we approach her again, she sings a different tune. “The footage will show I didn’t assault her,” Mshoza says.

“Linda can have Anele if she feels I stole him from her,” she continues. “I’ve been married twice and I’ve never fought over a man, this is the first time and it’s a shame.”

Anele loves her, she says, and she loves him enough to leave him. “I’ve been through so much drama in my life and I don’t need this. I’m tired of the drama.” Mshoza says she’s 13 weeks pregnant, and wants to focus on her pregnancy instead.

ALTHOUGH she’s declared she’ll walk away, Mshoza felt differently days before the court case.

She and Anele moved in together two months after hitting it off and it seems marriage is already on the cards.

“She went to meet his mother in December,” a source close to the kwaito singer says. “They’re serious about the relationship. He’s going to pay lobola in March.”

Mshoza posted pictures of her with the Bafana Bafana player’s family in December and said, “I met you for the first time and you have made your intentions about me very clear, you told me you want me to meet your family. You are every single prayer I have ever had about love. I was panicking and asking myself a lot of what ifs. Since I got here, no one in your family has made me feel less welcomed.”

On Christmas Day she posted a picture of her with Anele and his family captioned, “Meeting the in-laws.”

Linda is scathing about the posts. “She is lying. What in-laws? It’s only kids. She was in Cape Town and Anele’s mother was in the Eastern Cape.”

Still, Mshoza insists the footballer’s family loves her. “I slept at Anele’s mother’s house. She left me there to go to a church conference. I speak to his mother every day.”

Mshoza is serious about matters of the heart. She told DRUM in an earlier interview she’d be walking down the aisle in March. “January is my birthday month, February is my album month and March is my wedding month.”

She hinted her wedding would be in Cape Town and that her dress would be from designer-to-the-stars, Gert-Johan Coetzee. Lobola negotiations and the nuptials would happen in the same month, she also revealed.

“The lobola was supposed to be in November but I was told by the uncles to wait. Not have it November to November.” By this she refers to marrying Thuthukani Mvula in November 2017.

They had a messy break-up last year in which she alleged he attacked her and the marriage is well and truly over. But she’s put that behind her and still believes in love, she told us. The loved-up couple chatted to DRUM when they came out as a couple. “He’s the one – it feels right this time,” she said.

As for Anele? “She’s giving me something I was missing in a relationship, which is love and respect,” he told DRUM.

But their open displays of affection and social media shoutouts rubbed salt in Linda’s wounds.

“Linda is a strong person,” a close friend of hers tells us.

“But this is too emotional for her. What they are doing to her is sad and wrong. She spent 10 years of her life with this guy and he moves on just like that.”

This isn’t the end of the story, she adds. “Mshoza won’t have the last laugh.”

Patrick “Bendele” Luteke, a friend of the former couple, says he was surprised to hear of Anele and Linda’s split.

“We lived in the same complex and we’d chill with Anele all the time,” he says.

“As far as I’m concerned they were very happy.”

Patrick says he was close to the former couple and is now trying to mediate matters. He hopes Linda and Anele can resolve things out of court.

“I am a married man and I’ve told Anele to decide what he wants.

“He can’t have both women because it would damage his career,” he says.

He’s worried about Linda and adds that she was recently admitted to hospital due to stress.

According to Patrick, the drama be- tween Linda and her baby daddy is taking a toll on her and the rest of the family.

He met Mshoza four months ago when she was introduced to him as Anele’s girlfriend, Patrick says.

“I asked Anele what about the wife. He brushed me off.”

Patrick, who has known the former high-school sweethearts for a few years, is rooting for Linda and Anele.

“Mshoza sends Linda text messages insulting her. I’ve told Anele he shouldn’t allow his girlfriend to disrespect his wife,” he says. “We all know Mshoza is only with Anele for money and nothing else.”

A close friend to Mshoza says the singer has been offered R20 000 by Linda’s people to withdraw the case against her.

Linda refused to comment when asked about the matter.

There are also reports that Linda still handles Anele’s finances and, as such, won’t support the baby Mshoza claims is his.

But Mshoza says people should stop judging her.

“They don’t know the whole story. I don’t need their money, I have my own money,” she says.

– Drum

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