Here is how sex can solve all your problems… Never go to bed without having good sex!


RESEARCH has confirmed that a good sex life is a key to strong feelings of intimacy and satisfaction for both partners in a relationship.

Yet for many, sex goes by the wayside, often because of life’s demands – from the boss at work to the kids at home. Responsibilities can leave you feeling drained and longing for nothing more than a solitary soak in a warm tub at day’s end.

Focus on “alone time” But experts warn that physical intimacy shouldn’t be sacrificed. That’s because it helps you stay connected to your significant other and leaves you feeling more alive and youthful.


Start by taking care of yourself – your health has a direct relationship on your sex life. If you work outside the home, leave work stress at the office. Don’t sabotage sexual desire by worrying about work all night.

Resist the old-fashioned thinking that once you’re a parent, you’re no longer a sexual being. Set bedtimes for your kids and ensure they’re adhered to so you and your partner can have “alone time”.

Make lifestyle changes, Disconnect from your computers, cellphones and other gadgets early in the evening, so you can focus on time with your partner. Resist the temptation to check your work email before bed – most problems can wait until morning.

If your sex life needs a refresh, consider a romantic getaway. That’s because people feel more relaxed when responsibilities are left behind. They’re freer to enjoy romance.

While you can’t be on vacation all the time, keep that feeling of intimacy you shared top of mind when you go home, and use it as a springboard for making lifestyle changes that will keep you closer as a couple.

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