HELP: I caught my young wife and our new tenant having sex in my house


I am a married man in my 60s that is blessed with three children, all boys who are all living in the states that I am very close to. I am what people may call a ‘well-off’ man. My first wife died three years ago.

I am an active member in my church and in need of someone to take care of me so I decided to get married again, this time with a 30 year old woman who has done nothing but sending up my blood pressure sky high.

I have a 3 bedroom house which includes three bathrooms and a big kitchen, also a single apartment that is rented.

It all started when my wife convinced me to rent a part of the 3 bedroom house being that the extra rooms were empty and no harm could come in making some extra money.

She introduced me to a man who she claimed is a prospective tenant for us to rent the room to.

He was about 35 years old (big man), well mannered so he became a part of the family.

A few weeks passed and people around the community began to whisper rude things to me about this man giving me 'help with my wife'

I did not believe what they were saying because people will do and say things to bring down a trying man.

I became ill and was hospitalized for two weeks which made one of my sons flew into the island unexpectedly.

He visited the house before coming to see me in the hospital just in time to see my wife with the young man in the same bed.

The tenant did not know about my son or his visiting. The bedroom door was open so when my son called and switched the lights on, the young man jumped up in shock and challenged my son.

“He is my husband’s son”, shouted the wife.

My pressure went up higher than before. I didn’t know my wife would cheat on me. I know my son since he fell from the womb and i know for sure my son would never lie to me.

She kept saying that my son made up stories on her. I went to see a lawyer about a divorce after i find myself not wanting to eat anything from her ever again. I have asked her to leave. She insist and is now asking me for millions of dollars and property.

With the young man already left and is long gone; I will not give this woman ONE RED cent. My sons made plans to get an older woman to take care of me but with all this I have been through, I may just pack up and leave too.

I would like your advice in what i should do …

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