The pleasure of breast! Explore the power behind them to rock your world


THE power of the breast to rock your world with pleasure is often overlooked.

There are some lucky men and women who can actually have an orgasm, without touching their genitals – just by having their nipples stimulated.

Women’s nipples and breasts tend to be more sensitive and pleasure-provoking then men’s. This is because of the hundreds of nerve endings, especially in the nipple itself.


A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that this is because nipple stimulation in women activates the same region of the brain as stimulation of the punani. The region in the brain is called the genital sensory cortex. This means that, for some women, being aroused by having their nipples touched can lead them to have an orgasm.

The sensitivity of women’s nipples also varies according to their time of the month, with nipples being even more sensitive during menstruation.

Breasts also swell up as much as 25 percent when the woman is aroused, making them even more sensitive.

Remember, we’re all different, so some women like to have their nipples twisted or bitten while others hate it.

So take some time and explore the power and pleasures of the breast!

-Daily Sun

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