17 obvious signs your husband or boyfriend is certainly cheating on you!


A man who cares shows some effort and always makes sure he protects you and makes you feel safe at all times. Your lover should never make you feel like like a second option, he should always assure that you are important.

1. His phone is always off whenever he is around you.
A man and his phone are inseparable. It makes no sense when a guy decides to switch his phone off right when he arrives home.

2. Majority of his friends are women.
It is okay for a man to have female friends. However, too many women in the picture often point at a possible affair.


3. He carries his phone around all the time.
The guilty ones are always afraid. A cheating man will even go to the restroom with his phone in his hand so that you do not get the chance to go through it.

4. He has never introduced you to any of his friends.
Run and never look back! A man's friends define his character. Someone who loves you will make sure you meet the people he hangs around.

5. He always says he is not ready for a commitment.
Do not be with a man who is not ready to define things. He definitely has another woman cooped up somewhere else and is using you for sex, money or both.

6. He always brings up excuses whenever the two of you are supposed to meet up.
Any time the two of you want to meet up for a date, he has a reason why he had to cancel. He is either too busy, tired or just not in the mood.

7. He rarely pays attention to you.
He never texts like he used to and only calls on you when he is there for a booty call.

8. His phone battery is always low.
This is a warning sign that your man is always on the phone chatting up other women and watching videos he should not be looking at.

9. He blames you for the mistakes he makes.
He did not text? Well, he will blame you for not texting first.

10. He never says where he is going.
He goes out without telling you and you end up finding out from a mutual friend he is out partying.

11. He only calls you when he wants to.
This type of guy will go for a week without talking to you then call you up like everything is okay.

12. He can never tell the truth.
He lies about his family, friends and even where he works. Why are you still with him?

13. The people he follows on social media are either models or women wearing close to nothing.
He is always lurking on photos of hot chicks who are dressed in skimpy provocative clothing.

14. He has never introduced you to his family.
You guys have been together for two years but you have no idea if he even has any living family member. Take off girl! Vamoose!

15. Women in his contacts are saved under men's names.
Why is a man named Paul asking your guy why he looked so handsome at work today? Think woman!

16. He becomes so agitated and angry when you open up about what is troubling you.
Any time you try to communicate with him about important issues, he gets angry over nothing and walks off. Be careful, he is looking for a reason to break up.

17. His phone is always on silent mode.
He never has a ringtone and whenever he receives a call, he runs outside the room. That is another woman calling. My dear, It's time to dump someone!

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