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14 facts you must know and accept before you cheat on your husband or wife


Adultery has become a very epidemic issue in recent years. Every now and then we hear the news about a film star, a popular singer or some other famous person, who have cheated on their partner. This problem has become so widespread that people start feeling more anxious about it than ever. Those who have cheated justify their actions on the grounds of various reasons, but is it really relevant? What can be more devastating than to find out that the person you love has slept with someone else? We want to introduce you 14 facts, why cheating affects not only other people, but also you and your own life.

#1 A liar.
People who have cheated on someone automatically receive one more shameful title, which is ‘A liar’. You don’t just sleep with another person, you entangle yourself with a big bunch of lies trying to hide it. The excuses and the explanations cheaters give their spouses are not honest and if someone finds out, you will also be accused of lying.

#2 You won’t hide it forever.
Don’t think that hiding this secret is that easy. Sooner or later someone will find out and what do you think will happen next? Eventually, the truth will reach your spouse, and nothing would be the same. The lives of both of you will be ruined by this horrible mistake.

#3 Everyone will judge you.
Honestly, every person you know. Your spouse will be frustrated. Your friends will be so disappointed. Even your parents and children won’t understand. Are you ready to lead such a life, when everyone judges you? Will you bear the pressure?

#4 Now you are the bad example.
Not a single person will ever respect you. You will be an example of shameful and disgraceful person. People would talk how dishonest you are. Who will admire such a horrible person? All your good deeds will be erased by this dreadful mistake.

#5 No more moral authority.
How do you expect your children to listen to you or have any respect if you’ve cheated on their mother? You won’t be the example of a good person anymore and you won’t have any authority. Now you are the bad one, who always lies and cannot be trusted.

#6 Your spouse will suffer.
Even though you manage somehow to save your relationship, the life won’t be the same anymore. Your spouse will always remember your stupid deed and struggle with trust issues. This stain will last forever and there is nothing you can do to get rid of it.

#7 Other losses.
It’s highly probable that you could lose your job. You won’t have any home, if your spouse kicks you away and your parents turn your back on you. You may be forced to pay for your actions with money, not to mention the prosecution for your foolishness.

#8 Years will pass until you finally fix your life.
This is no exaggeration. Cheaters spend so many years to make their lives somewhat normal again. Imagine how many financial losses you will get. How much time will you need to recover emotionally? What about your friends? Will they forget it, or will you need to find new ones?

#9 Many relationships will be over.
This is also true. There are not so many people who want to have any kind of relationships with cheaters. Lots of close friends will walk away. People who are dear to you will vanish. It would be so lonely in this world, because nothing can justify adultery.

#10 Think of diseases.
Insecure people are not always ‘clean’, don’t you think so? They are also liars, since they are okay with cheating, so why should you trust them? What if there are sexually transmitted diseases and you may get one? Are really ready to take that risk?

#11 The grass is not greener there.
There is a wrong idea among people, that ‘the grass is greener’ on the other side. Honestly, it is not. This is a popular delusion and you mustn’t believe it. Besides, why should you look for greener, if you can improve something you already have. Make some efforts, talk to your partner and enhance your relationship instead of ruining it.

#12 What if someone did it to you?
Have you considered this question? Wouldn’t you be hurt? Wouldn’t you heart be broken? What feelings would you have? Do not make rash decisions and think of this issue properly. Adultery may be extremely painful, so is it really the right thing to do?

#13 The regret.
Even if you managed to justify cheating in your head, you will regret it sooner or later. The pressure, the disappointment, various losses, the lives you’ve ruined, everything will get into your mind and eventually you will realize the mistake you’ve done.

#14 The pain.
Another thing you will have to deal with is unbearable pain. When you finally realize the situation, when people start turning their backs on you, when you see your spouse crying at night, it will get under your skin and you will feel it in your bones. This pain can be so devastating, so think more than twice if you are ready to embrace it.

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