I seriously want to have sex with a married man so that I get pregnant… but last time I aborted


I seriously want to have sex with a married man so that I get pregnant… but last time I aborted

Hi guys,

This may seem inappropriate but please do not judge me, for the bible says Judging is only for God.


I am in love with a married man and I don’t know what decision to make. I am 28 he is 36 and has two kids.

We met, hooked up and with our first sexual encounter I got pregnant. I had circumstances which denied me to keep the child despite him wanting me to. We both arranged for an abortion and I did it.

Our relationship took a knock after this but we reconciled and got even closer and it seems to be getting more serious.

He still wants a child but we agreed after I finish my course. He wants a third child but the wife is stuck on two kids.

His wife discovered a text message I sent to his mobile when I needed money for the dilation and curettage procedure. She confronted him and he made up a story about me being a friend's girl. She then confronted me and I stuck to the same story.

I knew all this was bound to occur but I have fallen so deep I can’t walk out and he is the first ever guy to talk to me about plans involving a future.

I have never wanted marriage that’s why I chose to have a baby when I am capable of fending for it so that is why I do not mind being the other woman.

He says he wants a permanent bond out of this and he has been taking care of me in a mature way and truly speaking my future has a greater potential of being secure with him compared to an out of college young man yet to try make it in life.

I want to be this married man's baby mama but I'm having second thoughts.


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