The Best Crypto For Staking


Cryptocurrency exchanges open numerous earning opportunities for users. And that is not only about trading tools for complex trading strategies but also about receiving passive income.

Staking crypto is a popular option on different crypto platforms. It allows receiving coins or tokens while just holding your investments on a crypto exchange. That sounds like a deposit in a bank, but in the case of crypto, you are the only owner of your funds.

How Does Staking Crypto Work, And What Are The Best Coins For Staking?

The most widespread way to stake your coins is to buy them on a crypto exchange and leave them locked there for a while. The WhiteBIT platform offers to pick a plan for staking. Depending on how long you wish to leave your funds locked, you will receive rewards when the locking period expires. Also, it depends on the coin you choose.

The most profitable assets for staking:

  • Tether
  • Ethereum 2.0
  • Terra
  • USD Coin
  • Tezos
  • Polygon

You will find these and many other staking cryptos on the WhiteBIT platform.

A critical thing to remember is that you can not unlock your funds before the locking plan expires.

Once the plan expires, you will receive your funds and additional coins as a reward to your account.

Staking crypto is an excellent way to get crypto assets without much effort. Unlike the traditional way to receive coins – mining – staking does not require expensive equipment or electricity costs. Also, it is an environmentally friendly way to obtain coins.

Check out the White Blog to learn more information about staking and find a detailed guide on how to stake your coins on the WhiteBIT exchange. Also, you will find the most popular staking assets and plans for locking funds with interests and periods of locking.

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