Why MT4 Is The Best FX Trading Platform


When it comes to choosing the trading platform the first thing that comes to the most people's mind is Metatrader 4. It becomes something like an association with trading platforms in the world of Forex trading that offers Forex traders different tools for technical analysis and market research.

It is a time-tested and powerful trading platform. The fact that the Metatrader 4 was developed about 17 years ago doesn't stop the traders from using it. This platform became the classic choice for beginners and the ones who have been in Forex trading for a long time.

But why is MT4 the best Forex trading platform? What is the reason that lots of traders still come to it among a large amount of choice? Let’s see the main reasons for that.

The MT4 developed mainly for FX traders

The main purpose of developing the platform was Forex trading. While the Metatrader 5 users have access to different financial markets, the MT4 almost all consumers are Forex traders.That is the first reason to pay attention to.

Various device availability

Forex traders can trade anywhere and anytime with the help of multi devices. They don't need to be at their office or home, as they'll have access through downloadable trading platforms that are also easy-to use. Check the mt4 download details here.

Easy to use interface

If its interface won’t be attractive and user-friendly it would be hard to imagine that the MT4 could become so popular. The fame and success of this trading platform also comes from its easy-to understand features without any complicated mechanics or unnecessary intricacies which only confuses users more than they need too.

Brokers trust to MT4

Of course, one should take into account the fact that the majority of trusted and competent brokers offer Metatrader 4 as a trading platform. So if the Forex Broker didn't think that this was an effective and trustworthy system, then why did they begin offering it?

The features MT4 offers for FX traders

Lets see what  MT4 offers for its traders.

Demo account 

For those who are not sure if it is worth it to start trading with MT4 , the trading platform offers a demo account. Traders can start using different trading strategies and make deals with unreal money. After they tested the demo-account they can turn to the main platform.

3 types of charts 

With the help of charts Forex traders observe the smallest price fluctuations. The Metatrader 4 offers 3 types of charts.

  • bar charts
  • line charts
  • candlestick charts

One-click trading 

The platform takes care of Forex trader time that’s why it made the one-click trading funcion. The main goal is that the trader can open and close the trading prices or do other things with one click. It is not only about speed but about efficient work.

Price alert

The function helps to be aware of any price changes.


Metatrader 4 is the most popular trading platform nowadays. It is in success with thousands of Forex traders and brokers. After 17 years and new trading platforms that replenish the market it is still considered as the best trading platform among Forex brokers.

Despite the annual innovations, MT4 remains in a leading position among trading platforms. Its basic and simple tools, as well as a simple and user-friendly interface, are trustworthy for beginners and addictive for experienced traders.

The article presented the main tools that satisfy the needs of the consumer and help traders make effective transactions.

It is the combination of simplicity and versatility that makes this platform so effective, and its popularity has not faded through the years and is unlikely to pass from the sight soon.

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