Non sticky cash bonuses at instant casinos


Non sticky bonuses are casino bonuses where the amount of money you deposit is not tied to the bonus money in any way. This allows you to withdraw your deposit amount and winnings without losing your winnings, even if you have a casino bonus in your account. In this case, the winnings are usually eliminated and the bonus is declared void. In instant casinos, non-sticky bonuses are often offered as cash bonuses that require playing. For example, you can get a 100% bonus up to € 100, but the bonus money will not be added to your account immediately. The other clear impact of the law change extends to social media. Many African social media influencers have advertised online casinos in particular, but also betting sites via Twitch, Facebook and other social media channels. With the threat of a fine, these ads from individuals are bound to decrease. That's a shame in itself, because some of this social media content is actually interesting. However, the advertising law is still so recent that its interpretation is somewhat hazy. For example, we do not yet know how the authorities will react to, say, sharing betting tips on social media. It remains to be seen whether, in their eyes, it is advertising betting in South Africa or not.

A good sports betting strategy is the secret to winning. On the other hand, you can't get by on strategy alone if you don't have the know-how for sports, but it is also part of a successful betting strategy to some extent. You could almost say that's the first step. For example, choose the one sport you know the most about, and focus on finding out about it first. In sports betting, it is definitely better to be an expert in one sport than an all-rounder. Below you will find the most important points of a successful sports betting strategy briefly explained.

Casino adventures were also popular in African casinos in the past. In practice, they mean a continuous loyalty program where the player can earn bonuses by advancing in the adventure. These casino adventures are also available at instant casinos, though slightly less so than traditional African online casinos. The bonus vacate is varied, but one example could be the live casino bonus, where you get 5e free play money for an instant casino as long as you hit three blackjack at a particular live table. One of the most common casino bonuses at any online casino in South Africa is free spins. They refer to free spins distributed in slot machines, where real money can be won. Normally, free spins must only be spent on one specific game. It can be one of the classic online casino games or, for example, a new slot that you want to market to your players.

Betting online is nice because you don't have to do it with your own money. Most of the betting companies offer welcome bonuses to their new players, and many of them offer additional benefits even after signing up. However, the best benefits are usually available on your first deposit. As a result, many players are constantly looking for new betting sites that offer a First Deposit Bonus. Betting site bonuses can pretty much be divided into two groups. The biggest betting bonuses are deposit bonuses, where a betting site gives a certain percentage of bonus money on top of your deposit. This bonus rate can be basically anything, but in practice it usually ranges between 50% and 200%.

Free spins with no deposit required in this case a previous cash deposit. In instant casino Adventures, Free Spins can also be obtained without deposit for completing tasks. If you receive free spins as a deposit bonus at an instant casino, the spins will be added to your account either immediately or in smaller instalments. Indeed, many African instant casinos prefer to split their free spins bonuses in 10 or 20 pieces rather than in one shot. For example, it can take 10 days to claim a 200 free spins Deposit bonus, while you get 20 spins a day on different slots.

From the point of view of instant casinos, this way of giving out free spins is understandably attractive: players have to return to the site over several days. Not all players like this, but we think it is a fair compromise. At least the casino accept 200 free spins in 10 days rather than 100 spins straight away. Free spins at instant casinos work in both styles, so you can choose which free spins bonus you want to grab.

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