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There is a modern solution in telecommunications for big companies, and it's a brand-new offer by HotTelecom. This IP telephony service is especially beneficial for large corporations that need internal phone numbers to communicate with all their departments. Also, internet telephony can be used for receiving and making external calls, which can be of great interest to small and medium companies. With such services, you can forget about numerous wires and unnecessary pieces of equipment. HotTelecom offers virtual phone numbers at the best prices. All you need is Internet access with a bandwidth of more than 100 Kb/s. Boasting many benefits, VoIP is the future of communication for business people.

What You Need and How VoIP Works

For those who want to use this VoIP telephony, it is important to connect a cloud Private Branch Exchange, which will serve as an internal telephone network. Thanks to it, you will be able to make phone calls for free inside the network and receive unlimited external calls. One of the benefits is that it can be installed and set up in one day by the provider, with the whole process controlled remotely. The following devices are required for the installation:

  • A special IP phone operates through the Internet via a WLAN, router, or cable.
  • An IP gateway turns the voice signal into the digital one at the output.
  • Local and international calls will be made through a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or PC connected to the Internet and using a pre-installed app.

The Best Solutions Offered to Customers

The company staff can use telephone services at an affordable price, including video calls, conferences, etc. The main features are many extra communication services:

  • disposable numbers (temporary numbers that protect you from spammers and hackers);
  • SMS numbers to receive only short messages;
  • toll-free numbers in case clients call you very often and you want to allow them to call you for free (0-800 numbers);
  • ordinary mobile and fixed-line numbers with a usual range of services at favorable prices.

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