HELP! My daughter (15) beat me up for disturbing her after I caught her having sex in my house

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..Where did I go wrong as a father for me to be beaten and Insulted In this manner by my own daughter and my wife?

I found my 15 year old daughter who is In Grade 11 having sex with her boyfriend on my sofa In the living room.

I usually knock off late mostly after 18hrs. My wife (a nurse) has been away for sometime for studies. My daughter Is the only one who remains home all alone.

Yesterday I felt sick so I got permission from work so I see the doctor. There after, around 15hrs I got home. When dropped off the taxi I opened the gate and walked to the house. As I walked passed a window, I saw a boy making movements on a chair.

Thinking he was a thief, I stopped to have a better look. Shocked. The girl below was my first born daughter aged 15. I checked on the TV, and they were watching porn.

All the malaria I had vanished before I could take my medication. My BP shot up, I got into the house but the boy continued dancing on top of my daughter yet he was seeing me. I pulled him from the top and beat him up badly. . But to my surprise, my daughter got up, dressed up and rushed to the kitchen, collected a big cooking stick and started assaulting me. I then beat the hell out of my daughter.

She then threatened to report me to police for entering the sitting room while she was naked. She called her mum on phone and explained what happened. Instead of rebuking her, my wife called me and shouted me. She argued I could have waited for them to finish before entering my sitting room. My wife also rebuked me for beating my daughter and her boyfriend saying I could have just rebuked them.

My daughter then Insulted me badly and escorted her boyfriend to the police station where a medical report was issued and taken to the doctor and a call out was given to me for assault.

Tomorrow Monday 09:00hrs am supposed to report to police where I am expected to be detained for assault. Now children of God, where did I go wrong? Was I wrong to discipline my daughter and her boy?

Kindly tell me where I went wrong and what I can do next because tomorrow I may be locked up and my job will be affected.

Kindly advise.

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