Please help! He tricked me into getting pregnant


I am 20 years old and I have a problem. I am pregnant, but it is for a guy I do not love. He is very excited about it, but it is the biggest mistake I ever made. I believe he tricked me.

He has three other children, and one is with a woman who is 35 years old and she has her man.

I told him that I was in my church, so I did not want to get pregnant for a man who is outside the church. I have been friendly with a guy who leads the youth group in the church, and he is heading to Bible college. When he graduates, we are going to get married. He and I only had sex once. He made sure that he did not discharge in me.

This man knows my boyfriend, and he knows that my boyfriend can't help me financially right now, so he tricked me by inviting me to his house to clean and I went. After I did the job, he kept telling me that I had pretty legs. He was admiring my legs while I was cleaning the floor. He asked me how much it cost to clean the house and I told him R5,000. He said that was likkle bit a money, so I said, 'give me RA10,000 then'. He said 'you can get that as long as you give me 'that thing'. I told him that 'thing' was for my boyfriend and we didn't do it often. He then pointed out that my boyfriend doesn't have the money.

Pastor, when I thought of the bills I had to pay, I decided that I had to take a chance and this man let me down by discharging in me and by getting me pregnant. Until now, I have not told my boyfriend anything, but he saw me and asked me why I looked so different. I told him nothing was wrong with me. He did not say anything. I don't know what to do.

This man told me it is either I am going to be friendly with him and give my boyfriend some sex and throw the baby on him. I don't know what to do. I don't want to lose my boyfriend so please give me your advice before my belly begins to show.


Dear E.L.,

The truth will set you free. You have made a very big mistake by having unprotected sex with this man you say fooled you. He offered you a job to clean his house. You were in need and you took up the offer. But after you cleaned his house, you should have demanded your money. All this foolish talk about your legs was a way of sweet talking you and preparing you for his actions. Maybe indeed you have beautiful legs, but you didn't go there to sell yourself or to entice him. You went to work, and it is unfortunate that you gave in to him and accepted what he offered you, and of course, you went beyond what you charged him. So now that you are pregnant, it is like a big joke to this man. He wants you now to go to your boyfriend and have sex with him then later tell your boyfriend that you are pregnant.

My dear lady, that is not going to work with your boyfriend because he knows that he is on his way to school and he cannot take the risk to have unprotected sex with you and he can count. He would know how often he had sex with you and he also knows how long a woman has to be pregnant before she gives birth. So, don't listen to this wicked man. Your boyfriend already suspected that something is wrong so before he asks you another question, tell him the truth. Tell him exactly what happened and do so as early as possible.

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