How did these Celebrity Lotto Winners Choose to Splash the Cash?


Over the last few years, celebrities from all across the globe have found themselves immersed in the lottery world. With larger jackpots and other prizes now available, it’s hardly surprising that we have seen some of the world’s biggest superstars scoop life-changing amounts of money in recent times.

While the jackpots that celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Madonna, and Tom Crist have all won vary immensely, it’s interesting to consider how these global stars have opted to invest much of their winnings. With that in mind, we’re going to be taking a look at how these celebrities have won while playing the lottery and how they chose to spend their money.



Although there may be more that we don’t know about, Madonna is one of several celebrity lottery winners to have publicly announced that she won back in 2012. The now 60-year-old American singer-songwriter is understood to have won approximately £110,000 some seven years ago. Since her rise to stardom following the release of her debut album, 'Madonna', the Michigan-born superstar has regularly used her platform to raise awareness and generate funding for in-need causes.

In 2006, Madonna and Michael Berg founded the non-profit organisation, Raising Malawi, in an attempt to improve the lives of those living in immense poverty in the south-eastern African country through various health and educational programs. Staying true to her charitable nature, after winning over £100,000 pounds on the lottery, Madonna donated her winnings to build numerous schools in the region.

Tom Crist

Aside from Madonna, Tom Crist is another famous name to have publicly declared that he won the lottery in 2013. The Canadian citizen, who served as the president of an electricity company for many, many years, found himself becoming one of the biggest celebrity lotto winners after scooping over £33 million on the Lotto Max jackpot.

While Crist may not have been a household name before his lotto win, his actions after claiming the jackpot certainly gained him widescale recognition. Following his wife’s passing in February 2012, the jackpot winner decided to launch a charitable trust which seeks to assist people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Aside from launching a charity, it’s widely reported that Crist also donated some of his winnings to various other health organisations.

Hugh Jackman

Even though Hugh Jackman hasn’t won big on the lotto himself, the Australian actor, who is most recognisable for playing Wolverine in the X-Men series, is known for purchasing many lottery tickets for those that he works with.

During his stint on the set of Les Misérables, the now 50-year-old star bought many tickets for members of the cast and crew to illustrate his generous side, and it has since been reported that from the 500 lottery tickets that were purchased, the biggest win was just under £1250.

Charitable gestures

In recent times, playing the lottery appears to be an increasingly popular hobby for many A-list celebrities. For those that are fortunate enough to win big, it seems undeniably clear that looking to give back to the community and assist in various charitable ventures is top of the list of priorities.

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