Unique marriage proposal and anniversary celebration ideas in SA


Finding that special someone in your life is no easy fete. Thus, when you find one, it befits you to let them know how much they mean to you. For many people, finding a soulmate is the precedent for tying the knot.

The issue comes about as to what scenery would best serve such a moment. But before getting down on your knee and pouring out your heartfelt emotions, getting a gift would be best. You can get tons of ideas from valentinesgiftideas.co.uk, which will suit the occasion beforehand, regardless of her likes. And if you are looking for something for your man, you will be happy to know that the same applies. Now, let us get into setting the perfect picture for this opportune moment.

You are in luck if you are making this move in South Africa. Why? Well, it all comes down to a variety of sceneries. You could go for an African bush theme or bathe in the natural light of the sun by the sea. And all these settings are perfect for the romantic souls out there.



True, it may seem a little cliché to have your partner out on a picnic. But when you consider that this would take place atop Table Mountain in Cape Town, things gradually fall into place. Get the things that they love, without forgetting a vintage wine and drive to the top. The best setting for this would be around sunset. Yes, the yellowish-orange glow enveloping you should be enough to do the trick. They should soon be leaning your way as they take in the breathtaking views before them. Picture two oceans and a clear view of the city serving as a backdrop. Could you think of a better setting for your beau?

Walk along the Ocean

Yes, another cliché move, but this also works just as well as all the sophisticated tricks out there. And we are not talking about any ocean here. But instead, it is a casual stroll atop the Cape Peninsula. It is quite easy to get here, and you will enjoy the endless ocean views. You can gaze as far as the eyes can reach as you enjoy the feel of the wind brushing against you. There is a nearby restaurant serving gourmet meals, and once you have had enough of the views, you can head here for a bite. Proposing here would surely excite your partner. What, with the romantic views below!

Wine Tasting

With so many lovely vineyards sprawled across the country, you should not have much trouble finding the perfect setting. If you’re not one for beaches and would prefer a serene outdoors with rolling hills as your backdrop, this is the way to go. An exciting place to host your partner would be the Buitenverwachting wine estate, which has lively scenery. You can start with a tour of the beautiful manor as you make your way through the vineyards, which are a sight to behold. Later on, you can have a picnic on the lawn as you take in the raw beauty around you. Finish the meal with some superb wines, and you will have achieved the perfect proposal. This idea also works as a great way to celebrate your anniversary. Maybe you could come back for your fifth, or tenth, who knows?

Take a Safari

Maybe you and your partner enjoy being out in the wild. If yes, a trip to the Kruger National Park will work the magic that you both deserve. Book your stay in one of the lodges and head out for a bush experience. Much later, when you have eaten to your fill and enjoyed fine wine, pop the question. With the stars shining down on you and roars carrying through the night, who would say no?

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to create an intimate setting, and the results will wow you!

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