I dished out free sex to another guy, and now my boyfriend is angry



I’m a 29-year-old woman and I cheated on my boyfriend last December. I was lonely at the time and I know I did wrong but now everything is falling apart, and I don’t know how to fix things. I’m doing everything I can to make things right, but he refuses to meet me halfway.

He just shouts at me all the time and reminds me of what I did. I love him and don’t want to let him go. Please tell me what I can do.



The problem is that trust is a very fragile thing. Once broken it’s difficult to mend and return to its former self. Your boyfriend is acting out of hurt at what you did. It will take time for him to digest and come to terms with what happened.

He’s reacting in the only way he knows how right now. You need to be patient with him and work on earning his trust again. He hasn’t ended things with you, so there’s still hope he just might be willing to give you a second chance. When a woman cheats on a man it’s not only about the dishonesty – what happened also makes the man doubt himself.

His ego takes a knock and he wonders if he’s man enough or if he’s not satisfying you in some way. The thought that maybe you did it previously but didn’t get caught will also likely cross his mind. Talk to him about your remorse and acknowledge your fault. If all else fails, you both might benefit from visiting a counsellor at Famsa who can assist you with mending your strained relationship. Contact them on 011-975-7106/7. Good luck.

Psychology Today suggests that, it’s vital to seek counselling in order for both parties to heal, in hopes of saving the relationship. This does not guarantee that your relationship will survive, but at least your partner can open up about their feelings.

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