Biggest lottery winners in South Africa


Although it has only been around for a relatively short amount of time, the South African lotto has produced a surprising number of winners. Since it was first started in the year 2000, the South African lottery has paid out hundreds of millions to countless players across the country who have come from all walks of life. For a few people, choosing the winning lottery numbers has proven to be a truly life-changing event — often in ways that they had never anticipated. But who are some of these mysterious winners?

One of the most recent South African lottery winners scored a record-breaking Powerball draw after buying a winning ticket at an OK Minimark in Cape Town in February 2019. In this case, the winning ticket earned them a whopping R232m, which smashed the previous record-breaking jackpot of R145.5m which was won in August 2018. The winner of the 2019 jackpot was a male in his 50s who has, quite wisely we would say, chosen to remain anonymous.

Prior to this eye-watering sum in February 2019, the previous record-breaking PowerBall jackpot was R145 million which was won by a 34-year-old engineer from Secunda — which bested the previous record of R110m. However, such fortunes had not always graced this lucky man, and in his statement to the press he was quick to recall times when he had struggled to look for work with little money in his account — something that made this massive win seem all the more surreal.


However, the size of the fortune is not the only measure of success, and some winners can stake a claim to the title of the ‘biggest winners’ based purely on how a modest lottery win managed to completely turn their life around. One winner in 2017, for example, managed to use a R17m win to reverse his fortunes after having both been diagnosed with cancer and losing sight in one eye just prior to winning. After hitting the jackpot, this grandfather from Johannesburg used his winnings to access top tier health care. Within a year of winning, he received the news that his cancer was in remission.

Clearly, playing South African lotteries can be a potentially lucrative business, especially if the latest record-breaking jackpots are anything to go by. However, with the odds of winning set at roughly 1 in 42,375,200, you cannot help but wonder if it is worth it. Ultimately, however, that decision will be up to you!

Be warned that fortune does not always grace the winners of the South African lottery as fortuitously as it has these two winners. For every success story, there are countless stories of individuals who were not so successful in managing their newfound wealth. One winner from 2017, for example, managed to spend his fortunes within a couple of years of winning, despite having won the lottery twice in 2000 and 2004.

For anyone too busy to hit the shops or local lottery outlet. Fear not as many popular lotteries are available online. Playing online is simple all you need to do is find a reputable lottery site and register or sign-up. Then you will be able to choose the lottery you wish to play. It is as simple as that. Better yet no need to worry if you forgot to bring a pen!

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