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Kelly Khumalo had some serious explaining to do after she accidentally sent a nude Snapchat picture - intended for her boyfriend - to AKA, according to close friends.

As a late night treat for her partner, Kelly sent a picture showing her hoisting up her T-shirt to reveal her naked stomach and breasts along with the caption, "What ur missing this weeked :)." However, she sent the snap to AKA by mistake.

To her shock, AKA saw the raunchy photo and replied with a picture of a handwritten note, which read, "Hi, you probably did not mean to send this to me, but please be more careful. I do not know you like that," stressing the professional boundary between them.

Contacted for comment Kelly said, "I meant to send them to my boyfriend, but I accidentally sent them to a guy friend who is one away in my contact list. There's no way to un-send them. I just sent a text that said "Just realized what I did...going to go die in a hole now."


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