Knives are out for the widow of the late gospel singer,Sfiso Ncwane after the relatives accused her of breaching their son’s privacy and ‘disrespecting the dead’.

According to a report,Ayanda recorded a video having a ‘good time’ with her late love bird but 2 days later after recording the video she posted only a photo with her showing half face and Sfiso sleeping.

From the look of things,the after se_x photo she once posted on her Instagram was actually a screenshot from the

Barely two weeks after they made their first public appearance, Babes Wodumo is said to be pregnant with Cassper Nyovest’s baby.

The cat was let out of the bag when Babes Wodumo posted a positive pregnancy test result on Instagram with the caption “Lil Cassper”.
A friend of the couple said Babes was over the moon with joy after hearing the news while Cassper was not too happy about it. “Guess it’s because it was just a 1 night stand. Having a child out-of-wedlock will not

I've known I was gay for about 15 years . Lately however something's been "wrong," I'm being attracted to certain women like Bonang.

I've even started looking at "straight" porn. Last night I made out with a girl for the first time in a long time and I even asked her out and I have strong feelings for her.

I feel as I've lost my identity. I've dont know who or what I am anymore. I've been with and fallen for guys before. but now I'm questioning my own sexuality again, but for

A very unusual story came out of Nkandla where Jacob Zuma shot and killed his neighbor's German Shepherd after it attacked several chickens in his backyard.

Police told Jordan Gulilo that this is a very tough case. Both Jacob Zuma who shot the German Shepherd and the dog owner can face charges.

According to Nkandla Police, this all happened just after four on Sunday afternoon at the home of Jordan Gulilo in Nkandla.

Police say Zuma came home to find his neighbor's German

SOMIZI  was caught red handed (and red-faced) after police noticed him fidgeting uncomfortably when they pulled him over in his car last night.

A witness told us the officers found his restlessness suspicious and a strip search at a police station unearthed a mysterious package which contained his haul of Class-A drugs.

Somehow, he had managed to swiftly insert the 81 wraps (small paper envelopes containing powdered drugs) before he was was pulled over.

“This attempt

Prophet MBORO was arrested yesterday on fraud allegations after his driver exposed his tricks.

Prophert Mboro is accused of ‘planting’ fake goblins and live snakes in people’s homes claiming that their relatives are bewitching them.

His driver Norest Lilamo disclosed this to seven victims after he clashed with Mboro for bedding his (Mboro)’s wife.

One of Mboro victims Alec Gavilo told us that he lost more than R22 000 after Mboro removed a baboon leg with charms planted in

CASSPER Nyovest's luxury Bentley got a bashing when the car was rear-ended in Johannesburg.

The musician , who has a number of flash vehicles, was involved in the crash as he merged onto the M1 freeway in Johannesburg this morning.

Thankfully the 29-year-old star escaped without injury, but our photographs and video footage show his Bentley was damaged pretty badly on the backside with visible impact to the bumper. Oh dear.

It's not known whether anybody else was in the

Kelly Khumalo had some serious explaining to do after she accidentally sent a nude Snapchat picture - intended for her boyfriend - to AKA, according to close friends.

As a late night treat for her partner, Kelly sent a picture showing her hoisting up her T-shirt to reveal her naked stomach and breasts along with the caption, "What ur missing this weeked :)." However, she sent the snap to AKA by mistake.

To her shock, AKA saw the raunchy photo and replied with a picture of a

Don't buy or eat any biscuits called crunches. Customs says it was shipped into South Africa from Nigeria where it has killed 45 people. It is said to contain a poisonous chemical.

Please pass this on and save millions. If u don't believe check google for more details "crunches biscuits" Save lives as I just saved yours.

More details to follow....

Of Guinean origin, Paul Pogba is now one of the best players in France. Even though he was proud to wear the jersey of the Blues – a dream come true – the middle of Manchester United remains committed to his African roots.

“Already playing in the France team is a dream that come true. I started the under 16 years and now I’m with team A, it is a pride. I do not forget the people who would like be in our place. When I wear this shirt I do not forget where I come from, my roots. I am

And as his stepdown campaign dwindles down to its miserable final weeks, Jacob Zuma is mobilizing his army of influencers like social media-savvy fire ants. One big way he's doing it is with concerts, which, he's been assured by a team of #millennials, are on fleek AF, bae.

Yesterday, news broke that Cassper Nyovest would headline a concert for Zuma at FNB stadium in Johannesburg.

The ZUMA must stay campaign

AKA is on holiday with his girlfriend. The two jetted off to Johannesburg over the weekend to spend a few days relaxing under clear blue skies and sunshine.

AKA is spending sometime with another woman in Joburg after Bonang kicked him out after an arguemnet about drug abuse.

AKA is a punk he has not been coming home since Saturday he is now sleeping with the woman who sells him drugs claimed our source.

Earlier this year AKA had a run in with a fan while he was high on

A bride to be whose boyfriend was based in USA was impregnated by another man in Johannesburg. The boyfriend, Orient Luni, who had already paid the bride price and was planning a wedding was shocked and demanded his lobola back.

Luni demanded his R290 500 and 23 cows back after his would-be wife, Nataly Mulhewhe, who was impregnated by celebrity boyfiend AKA. Lun’s would-be father-in-law, Noel Muwhewhe, has now paid back the bride price after a two-year legal battle.

It is

Gay socialite Somizi Mhlongo AKA Somgaga is going to become a female transgender soon.

Somgaga had been taking hormones to make his beard disappear and grow some boobs. And soon he will get his balls removed and p3nis split into two to form labia majora for his vag1na.

Our source said Somizi said he is doing this because he does not feel complete. He said he likes man and he is fine being gay but he feels like

The controversial young white sangoma is back at it again. He is claiming that Sfiso Ncwane is not dead, he claims that the gospel star had been zombified by a very close relative who practises witchcraft.

“The person who did this is angry at him because Sfiso Ncwane no longer take care of that person so the person decided to make him a zombie so he can work for that person”. Said the sangoma.

I’m calling on Sfiso Ncwane’s wife to contact me so I can help, I can help her for a

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