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Ntsiki voiced her opinion on her blog in a piece called 'Fake Humble'

"When Cassper Nyovest did FILL UP THE DOME: it was inspiring. When he did FILLUP THE STADIUM: he taught us how to dream. When he stood on his two Bentleys … he was simply bragging and it degraded what he represented to me as a young South African (sic)," she wrote.

She claimed that she used to be a fan of the Doc Shebeleza hitmaker, but ever since he started earning money he 'ditched the humble act'.

Ntsiki went on to say that Cassper 'bragging' about his new cars was not a win for anyone but rather a win for the Bentley company.

"Bentley is the winner here, they got all his millions."

She suggested that the rapper could have invested his money into something more important such as the Fees Must Fall movement or helping with the development of schools

"Instead his friendslaves had to climb on top of each other and almost break their necks so that he could ego fart for us (sic)," she added.

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