Will we ever know what truly happened between Khaya Mthethwa and Jessica Nkosi? It doesn't really seem so.
There are rumors that Jessica, who was friends with Nomzamo, "snatched" Khaya from her. That has reportedly caused a rift between the Isibaya co-stars.

In a recent interview on Zaziwa, Khaya commented about the situation and said: "I think, for me, the position I wanna take ngayo (on it), is that between Nomzamo and I, it becomes harder to speak out about something once kwaba involved imindeni (families were involved)."

When Pearl Modiadie asked if he had paid lobola, Khaya wouldn't confirm or deny.

"Once kwaba involved imindeni, kubanzima (it becomes difficult). Out of ukuhlonipha (respect), I would always rather say, I'd rather not talk about it because indlela engizobuka ngayo isimo, nendlala abazobuka ngayo isimo (the way I'll look at the situation, and they way they'll look at the situation) I'll never… Like I said earlier on, it's easy to just throw shade and harder to take responsibility."

However, a source who is a friend of both Khaya Mthethwa and Jessica Nkosi claimed to Celeb Gossip that Khaya was allegedly demanding too much sex, requesting to have at least 10 rounds of sex everyday or else he would allegedly cheat on Jessica Nkosi with Kelly Khumalo who was reported to be ready to dish out the much required 10 rounds of sex daily.

"Jessica and Khaya broke up over sex. Jessica was not ready to have sex with Khaya 10 times everyday amid claims that she needs time to do other business including taking part in the production of Isibaya and Our Perfect Wedding. Khaya threated to cheat on Jessica with Kelly Khumalo if Jessica continues refusing to please him sexually," said the source.

Meanwhile, Khaya said he takes responsibility and added that maybe he could have done better. "I could have done better…. with the whole mishmash it was a disaster ngendlela ibukeka ngayo (the way it looked)."

He told Pearl that people don't want to take the time to want to find out all the facts, and said he's not going to take the time to defend them.

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