DA leader Mmusi Maimane’s wife Natalie Maimane had filed for divorce citing Mmusi was cheating with his female cousin.

Our source a neighbor of the DA couple told gossipmillsa.com that Natalie found naked pictures of the alleged hot BBW her soon to be ex-husband phone. Maimane once introduced the BBW to his wife as his distance cousin.

She also found out that Maimane also used their home telephone to call numbers that belong to this BBW he once said was a cousin on several occassion.

I Know they fuck their cousins too but i thought he was never gonna cheat on me…..with a black girl I’m not taking him back

Maimane has been silent on the matter. The alleged BBW is Maimane’s 24-year-old cousin.

A relative of a Maimane said he is not surprised about the whole cheating thing. “My brother always had a thing for fat women and his wife should also understand that a man is an elephant”.

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