Controversial Sfiso Ncwane’s mother, Fikile Ncwane, continues to add ‘salt to injury’ as she continues to utter disturbing sentiments in regards to her late son,Sfiso Ncwane,who passed away on Monday last week.

According to Metro Fm interview at 9:30am earlier today,the late gospel’s mother had no kind words for his late son despite the fact that he is now ‘buried and gone’ and no longer has a voice.

”My sentiments towards my late son will never change,I loved him wholeheartedly but he chose to betray his own mother when he was alive,imagine having a millionaire son who dishes out million rand presents to strangers and chooses to let her own mother who carried him for 9 months starve to death,it’s no secret that he bought his pastor a R1.9 million rand car whilst I had just water in the fridge,I will follow legal channels to bring back that car,it remains my son’s property”,fumed Fikile.

When Ncwane bought his pastor a brand new SUV his mother was pissed off and told the media how her son was buying other people cars while she starved.

“I was surprised I was the first person he asked for a kidney, he should have asked his pastor first,’’ Fikile was quoted last week.

“I don’t even know my grandchildren. His wife wouldn’t let me see them. I believe she should have been the one to offer him a kidney very fast but she did not”,added Fikile

The Friday memorial service took place at Grace Bible Church in Soweto. The event started at 11:00 and it was well attended.The funeral for the gospel star took place on Saturday, 10 December at Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban. The event started at 09:00.

Sfiso was buried at Heroes Acre Cemetery in KZN where Senzo Meyiwa was also buried.

Sfiso passed away on Monday last week after reported kidney failure.

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