Nqobile Mzelemu,the late gospel singer’s eldest daughter remains in the spot light after causing a series of controversy since his father’s death, Sfiso Ncwane last week on Monday after a reported kidney failure.

Barely two days after his father’s untimely death, Nqobile has made headlines and become an overnight ‘celeb’ after she shared controversial sentiments with several South African media houses.

Nqobile shocked the nation on Wednesday when she described his late father as a ‘stupid’ man who neglected him when she needed him most,who disowned her for ‘exposing him’ to the media.

As if that was not enough,Nqobile is now under fire for ‘unbridled attack of the dead’,after she continued to share the ‘harsh’ messages that she exchanged with his father,saying that the more she shares them the more it makes her ‘feel better and lighter’.

A WhatsApp message,dated 3 June 2016,sent by Sfiso Ncwane to her reads,”What makes you think I’m your real father ?What kind of daughter washes dad’s dirty linen in public ?”.

Another shocking message dated 14 September,2016 reads,”I long disowned you for the reasons better known to your mother,since you’re now old its high time she must tell you the truth,otherwise I have nothing against you,I preach gospel,I sing gospel,I live gospel,I have nothing against anybody except your unfaithful mother”.

Nqobile has added that she is failing to move on with life and has opted for ending her own life instead of living a ‘miserable’ life full of ‘traumatizing’ memories about how his father emotionally abused her.

After the leaking of WhatsApp messages,Lifeline Durban has offered free counselling to Nqobile and they will begin on Wednesday 14 December,2016.

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