These images of a rather jubilant recent widower Ayanda Ncwane have gone viral on social media. The images were captured at Moses Mabhida Stadium last weekend during Sfiso Ncwane’s funeral.

Instead of ‘mourning’ Ayanda was seen having bouts of laughter, something unheard of for someone mourning.

A popular commentator said : “Hawu maam Ncwane, S’fiso is not even buried yet entlek wena you are having fun kanje? Hai maan this is wrong ”

Another user asked : “What happened to mourning the dead. She look happy to me”

Some users supported her. One person wrote : Morning guys. Yesterday I put up a status and pictures of Ayanda Ncwaneat her husbands funeral and yes you guys had your say and now it’s my turn. Yes it seemed a bit weird for her to look all smiles like that but I’m gonna say I didn’t see anything wrong with that.

Gone are the days when women were forced to scream and act all crazy to show how much they are hurt by their husband’s passing.

I personally salute Ayanda for showing such strength. She had to be strong for her kids and that’s what she did. We mourn differently and I believe she did it her own way and yes it was time to celebrate her husband’s life and bid him a very happy fairwell.”

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