Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s grand daughter, Natasha Thahane, has found herself in an embarrassing situation that threatens to dent her good girl image. Natasha , who acts in local drama series, The Queen and Skeem Saam was embroiled in an ugly Twitter war earlier today after she threw shade at her fans over her break up with Bohlale Makgolane.

Now a video is doing the rounds showing a girl who appears to be Natasha playing while recording the deed. The video is rumored to have been leaked by her bitter ex Bohlale Makgolane and it was taken during their good times together.

The video, which goes against everything that represents Natasha Thahane, has been heavily shared on social media and many people agreed that the lady in the video is indeed Natasha.

Twitter has been dragging The Queen actor and Desmond Tutu’s granddaughter, Natasha Thahane, and it is not looking good. What is shocking is that she is being attacked over something she said on Twitter in September!

Now we know the Twitterati does not forgive and forget.

Thahane used to post pictures of herself with her then boyfriend Bo Maq (real name Bohlale Makgolane) and wrote sweet captions, and their love was envied by many.

When she stopped posting about him, her fans started wondering if they had broken up. Twitter user @JustKholii_ was one of those fans who were wondering about her love life and even took to Twitter to ask his 18.2K followers if the two were still together

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