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I fell in love with my Father-in-law’s huge D!ck and he always please me than...

Johannesburg-Daily Buzz SA-After 32 Valentines Days spent together, her mind contemplative as she thinks of something unique, something that will take his breath away as surely as the merest glimpse of him turns her to a quivering mass of ar0used and wet…

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Usher reportedly paid $1.1M to woman he allegedly infected with herpes

This s.ex scandal won’t be going away.

Usher paid out ZAR14,258,970.00 to settle a lawsuit with a stylist who claimed the pop star infected her with herpes, court papers show.

The documents were first published Wednesday by Radar Online, but they appear to date…

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Ex-Muvhango Actress "Nony" Phindile Gwala Quits Acting now focusing on her passion to be a...

After announcing her surprise exit from popular SABC 2 soapie Muvhango, actress Phindile Gwala has revealed she plans to focus on her passion to become a preacher.

Speaking to the Fresh Breakfast team, Phindile explained why she decided to resign from Muvhango after…

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Pastor Mboro introduces anointed condoms

Pastor Mboro never seize to amaze his congregation. He always puts his congregation first.

He is known for being the pastor that is very attentive to his congregation's needs and then talk to God about finding solutions.

He always shocks his congregation with his…

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You should have s.ex THIS many times a week if you’re a man

Scientists have found getting down and dirty can prevent a life-threatening health problem – but only if you’re a man.

New research shows making love several times a week can help to reduce your risk of heart disease – the UK’s biggest killer.

This is…

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